Lynched - 'Cold Old Fire'

Director's Cut Title Track from the 2014 album 'Cold Old Fire was written during a particularly bad winter, when co-writer Mr. Lawless was living under Daragh's stairs. They wrote this song together. I think it's fair to say that at the time, Dublin was as stale as a two-year-old wurly burger. It was the onset of a crisis that would later send 80,000 people a year overseas, Lawless included. The Button Factory is not a reference to the venue in Dublin, but a term which Daragh heard an 'oul lad use in an affectionate manner to refer to the dole office while waiting in the queue there one afternoon.'

Music Video
Shooting Format : Sony F55 with Zeiss Lenses
Graded by Eugene McCrystal
Produced & Directed by Luke McManus